3rd Annual History Fair (2018)



History Day Themed Essay Category:
3. Congress of Vienna – Amy Kanina
2. White Rose Organization: Anti-Hitler Organization – Tamari Amashukeli
1. Jimmy Carter and the Camp David Accords: One Peace at a Time: Mohammed Elbouanani
Civil War Themed Essay Category:
3. The Overlooked Role of Women – Madelyne Vaca
2. Southerners Prevail Until the End – Britney Villeda
1. Sharecropping: An Economic Continuation of Slavery – Jada Joseph              
Documentary Category:
3. The Great Depression and the New Deals – Brianna Demay and Ava Vigliotti
2. The Death Spray – Seowon Back
1. The Conflict and Compromise: The Big Three at Yalta – Harkamal Braich, Justin Martinez, Marshall Nisselbaum and Jason Yau
Website Category:
3. Grutter vs. Bollinger – Sheyla Caipo and Angie Delgado
2. Hoover Dam: Agreement Ends Conflict in the Southwest – Nicholas Cinnamo
1. Arrival to the Unknown: The Orphan Trains – Marisol Arellano
Physical Display Category:
3. The Final Frontier: How to Govern Space – Monika Baldyga
2. The Korean War – Jason Kim, Mahraf Kazi and Ayoub Mouaki
1. Lost Paradise: Man at the Crossroads – Kimberly Dominguez, Karen Herrera and Naiohmy Patino
Outstanding project category:
Sikhs and Hindus: A History of Conflict and Compromise – Preeti Minhas,
Conflict-Compromise: The Iranian Hostage Crisis – Jenna Bedessee, Leila Hadjeb, Muqadas Mir and Bristi Roy
The Not So Obscure Reasons the South Seceded From the Union and the Civil War Commenced – Selma Sihali
The Six Day War – Robby Battista
The conflict of women’s voting rights and the journey of granting them.
Preeti Minhas, Maisha Samiha

2018 History Fair

Save the Date!  The 2018 History Fair is tentatively scheduled for January 31st and February 1st.  This year's theme is CONFLICT AND COMPROMISE IN HISTORY.

Check out the National History Day Website for more information.

Student Information Packet

Download the 2018 Student Information Packet for the Academy History Fair:   info packet.pdf 




Essay Category:
3- Olga Horbal
2- Szymon Baldyga
1– Gabriel Cumming
Documentary Category:
3-Nikole Versoza
2-Evdokia Gasparis & Laura Perez
1-Tara Krause, Triphena Li, Selina Naraine & Amina Muminovic
Website Category:
3-Evelina Kurayeva, Melody Delancey, Angie Forero & Amy Pinilla
2-Tran Hennessey & Ze Ming Zeng
1-Courtney McEvoy, Anna Syska & Jasmine Xiao
Physical Display Category:
3-Lamia Rahman, Sarah Malonda & Manisha Mohanlal
2-Aleksandra Wasilewska
1-Asali Valentine, Alexis Larreategui, Gilda Sarmiento, Matthew Wotulu & Briana Jean Francois
Overall Best in Grade:
9-Jasmine Pizarro
10-Carl Hanson
11-Angie Callahan Lin, Kimberly Cheng, Korin Gollardo, Tenzing Tashishar & Shormi Uddin
12-Brielle Charles & Irene Constantinou






Essay Category:

3. “Every Word That Comes From Hitler’s Mouth Is A Lie” – Mariam Saleem
2. “The Compromises of 1877 and the Obliteration of Reconstruction” – Angie Delgado
1. “General Sherman’s Support for Psychological Warfare on His March” – Caolain Mathers
Documentary Category:
3. “The Economy During the Roaring Twenties” – Christopher Jaramillo & Sebastian Castrillon
2. “Malcolm X: A Revolutionary Radical” – Zuri Robinson
1. “Stonewall: The Start of a Revolution” – Kayla Madden, Julia Wozniak, Legin White & Ivy Van Domselaar
Website Category:
3. “The Wage Gap” – Jennifer Ramdin
2. “War of the Roses” – Kira Ricarte
1. “(un)Lady Like” – Maryam Ghanem, Khadija Mohsin & Kaitlyn Vasquez
Physical Display Category:
3. “Taking A Stand Against the United Fruit Company in Cienaga, Colombia” – Mary-Beatriz Garcia
2. “Taking a Stand: Loving vs. Virginia” – Karla Rodriguez
1. “Fear Over Reason: Taking a Stand in a Nation at War” – Maia Eckert, Carolina Bzowski, Zeming Zhang & Nuzhat Wahid
Overall Best in Grade:
9th From the website category “Taking a Stand Against Capitalism and Meat Packing: Upton Sinclair and The Jungle” – Nick Cinnamo
10th  From the Essay Category “Abraham Lincoln: A Disputable Legacy” – Joseph Lituma
11th From the exhibit category “Women’s Suffrage” – Lysander Chico, Gabriel DaSilva & Alisa Hot
12th From the Essay Category “The Fight Against Gender Specific Taxes: Costs for Women” – Shannon Lima


2017 NHD NYC Winners

Outstanding Project on Borough History: ‎Kayla Madden,   Ivy Vandomselaar,   Legin White,   Julia Wozniak -"Stonewall: A Start of a Revolution" Documentary


 Outstanding Project on the History of Social Activism: Nicholas Cinnamo - "Upton Sinclair and the Jungle: Taking a Stand Against Capitalism and Meat Packing" Website


Outstanding Project from Queens:‎ Harkamal Braich- "War of Independence: 1835 Texas Revolution" Website