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    Academy of American Studies

Academy of American Studies
Frequently Asked Questions About Admissions

Question: How will the Academy select students for the 2017 entering 9th grade?
A) The screened Intensive Academic Humanities program (#Q71B): The selection criteria includes Math & Science scores of 85+, English & Social Studies scores of 85+, Math Test Level 3 & 4, Reading Test Level 3 & 4. Additionally, a student should have fewer than 8 absences and shown interest to the school through open houses, tours and high school fairs.
B) The Academy has an educational option program (program #Q71A). As per Department of Education requirements, 16% of our acceptances are students reading above grade level, 16% are students reading below grade level, 68% are reading on grade level. Half the students are selected by DOE lottery and half are screened by the admissions committee.
Students are able to put both choices on their applications.

Q: How many spaces are there for 9th graders?
A: We accept 170 incoming freshmen. For the current school year we had over 3500 applications.

Q: Can you enter if you will be a 10th grader?
A: Sure. Just follow the procedures outlined in the Directory of the Public High Schools. Remember, however, that we only take 20 new 10th graders.

Q: What sports teams do you have?
A: Currently, we have PSAL Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball, Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Varsity Volleyball, Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Boys & Girls Track, Girls Flag Football and Boys and Girls Bowling, and Stunt.

Q: What makes the Academy academically unique?
A: The Academy of American Studies offers an extra class in American History for all four years that includes Law and Senior Thesis in the senior year. The Academy is proud of its record of scoring above the city average in our Regents statistics making us a top academic school in Queens.

Q: Are there any advanced placement classes?
A: Currently, we have AP American History, AP Calculus, AP Economics, AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Environmental Studies, AP European History, AP Government, AP Human Geography, AP Spanish Language.

Q: What percentage of your students go on to college and where do they go?
A: 91.19% of the class of 2016 graduated over a four year period (September 2012-August 2016) (99% with Regents or Advanced Regents Endorsed Diplomas) and 95% of the graduates are attending colleges and universities such as Brandeis, Columbia, Dickinson, FIT, Fordham, Ithaca, Lawrence, Middlebury, Quinnipiac, St. John’s, Swarthmore, Syracuse Trinity, SUNY and CUNY schools as well as technical and vocational institutes and the military.

Q: I’ve heard you go on trips related to American History.
A: We believe that education is not limited to the classroom. All freshmen are invited to Philadelphia in the fall and Boston in the spring. Sophomores spend an overnight in Gettysburg in the spring. Juniors visit Newport and Plymouth with whale watching in the spring. The seniors go to Washington, D.C. in the spring. The academic trips are subsidized through the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

Q: What about the arts?
A: Students across all grade levels are exposed to the arts especially through our English and American History classes. We have a relationship with the Metropolitan Opera House which has enabled students to attend performances, rehearsals, and tour the facilities at Lincoln Center. Additionally, there is also a partnership with MoMA.
The subjects within the arts taught at the Academy are fine art, painting, theatre (Acting and Playwriting Performance), Opera, Digital Media and a class called 20th Century Expression Through the Arts. Theatre is also explored through extra curricular activities. For example, the school is a member of the International Thespian Society and the troupe works closely with the New York State Theatre Education Association. An Improvisational Theatre Club meets weekly.

Q: Can I tour the campus?
A: Tours are offered on most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30am from September 20, 2016 through May 30, 2017. Students and their parents/guardians must reserve a tour by calling (718) 361-8786.

Q: Are you having an open house?
A: The Academy of American Studies invites all interested students and their parents to one of 2 Open Houses on Monday, November 7, 2016 or Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 6:30pm. Please call (718) 361-8786 to RSVP.

Q: What are others saying about the Academy?
A: The Academy has been recognized as both a Gold and Silver Medal high school by US News and World Report two years in a row. We have received accolades as a top high school from the New York Daily News, New York Post, Newsweek and the Washington Post (acknowledged as one of the most challenging high schools in New York). View our write up on InsideSchools.org.

Q: How can we get further information?
A: Please visit our website at www.AcademyofAmericanStudies.com.