Wednesday, September 16th is the first of three Instructional Orientation Days for all students.  During these school days, students will follow an abbreviated schedule and all students will be fully remote for these three days.  There are no in-person classes until the start of classes on Monday, September 21st.

On Wednesday, all students will attend Zoom Town Halls by Grade to get information such as: Attendance Policies, Health and Safety Protocols, Online Behavior Expectations, Lunch and Learn Program, and Accessing Google Classroom and Zoom, and much more.  These 30 minute town halls will go over how your Academy classroom and online learning experience will be different.

Please follow this schedule below on Wednesday which is also posted on the school website calendar. These Town Halls are specifically for students. Parents and Guardians should attend the PTA meeting tonight, September 14th or tomorrow night, September 15th.  If any students have trouble accessing the Town Hall on Wednesday, contact Mr. Randle for assistance.

Meeting ID: 942 0620 6954

Passcode: 181879

Meeting ID: 955 5161 5133

Passcode: 907713

Meeting ID: 998 2034 4244

Passcode: 660005

Meeting ID: 936 9903 5941

Passcode: 211677

10:30 AM Instructional Orientation 11th Grade (Last Names L-Z)

Meeting ID: 997 4856 4141

Passcode: 165797

11:00 AM Instructional Orientation 12th Grade (Last Names A-K)

Meeting ID: 921 8962 8077

Passcode: 607422

11:30 AM Instructional Orientation Session 12th Grade (Last Names L-Z)

Meeting ID: 958 1454 4973

Passcode: 539894


On Thursday and Friday, students will follow their class schedule that will be posted on Pupilpath tomorrow, September 15th. Day 2 and 3 of the Instructional Orientation will follow this abbreviated schedule of 20 minute periods:

Period 1--8:00-8:20

Period 2--8:25-8:45

Period 3--8:50-9:10

Period 4--9:15-9:35

Period 5--9:40-10:00

Period 6--10:05-10:25

Period 7--10:30-10:50

Period 8--10:55-11:15

Period 9--11:20-11:40

Students will meet with their teachers and begin the process of reconnecting with school and to make sure all students are ready for Monday, when classes start.

You will be invited to your specific teacher's Google Classroom through a Pupilpath email either Tuesday or Wednesday.  You will learn how to sign up and use Google Classroom this year at the Wednesday Town Hall.  You will need your NYC Student Email to use Google Classroom this year. 

If you don't have access to Pupilpath, request assistance from Mr. Randle

If by Thursday morning, you do not receive an email with the Google Classroom Link from your teacher, email your teacher (staff email addresses are posted on the school website).

Bring your questions to the Town Hall on Wednesday and we will address as much as we can live or through email after the Town Hall.

See you on Zoom on Wednesday!