Remote Learning

Email from Principal Bassell on September 12th Regarding the Current State of Academy's Remote and Blended Learning Models

Dear Members of the Academy Family,

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend. In the interest of providing updates with transparency, I would like to share the latest information that is available about remote and blended learning at our school. Hopefully this will answer some of the questions that you have posed to me since my last update.

As of this evening, 26 members of our regular teaching staff have received accommodations from the DOE to work remotely. This number is likely to increase.  They can only teach remote students; the remaining members of our regular teaching staff will be teaching a combination of full time remote students and the in-person component of the blended learning program. In order to cover the needs of the remote portion of blended learning, we have requested 18 teachers who will provide instruction to our blended learning students on the days that they are in remote learning in clusters of 68 students per group, double the number of students in a traditional high school class.  This is being done in accordance with the guidance issued by the DOE. As of now, we do not know any of the "blended/remote" teachers who will be assigned, nor do we know their past histories.  All we know is that they will be staff provided to us by the DOE to deliver content instruction for the remote portion of blended learning in groups of a maximum of 68 students.  Students in remote instruction will receive instruction in daily classes of 34 taught five days a week by regular Academy teachers. 

We are committed to making both models work as effectively as we possibly can given the challenging circumstances.  Please be assured that whatever model you choose, we will provide the best possible education that we can offer given the staff available and the mandated configuration of the program: 34 students in each remote class, five days a week taught by Academy teachers, or in-person days taught by Academy teachers every fourth day with the remote days covered by the blended/remote teachers the DOE will provide in groups of up to 68 on the other days.

None of us are happy with the current situation, and we all wish that the time will arrive soon when we can all come back to school together, each day, as one family, safe and sound and secure in the knowledge that we have bested this pandemic.

Should you wish to switch to remote learning, you may do so at any time on this website: . Should you wish to remain blended, there is nothing for you to do.  Should you wish to move from remote to blended, you may opt-in during the October enrollment period for a November start.

I hope that this answers the many questions that you have been emailing me.  Also, please see our website for our town halls about this next week. And, as always, please feel free to reach out directly to me at



Bill Bassell