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    Academy of American Studies

College Now Program

What is College Now?

College Now is a FREE program designed to prepare New York City’s public high school students for the next big thing – College.  It is a program open to juniors and seniors.

 Why should I take a College Now Course?

  • Free College Credit

  • College Preparatory Experience

  • Added bonus to your high school transcript & resume

  • CUNY Student ID

  • Scholarship opportunities

 Will colleges accept the credit?

In most cases, College Now credits transfer directly within the CUNY system.  Credits usually transfer to other colleges as well. You’ll have to check with the colleges you are applying to regarding their credit transfer policies.

 Is there a limit to how many college credits I can earn through College Now?

You are limited to 12 CUNY college credits in total.



Course Offerings

HUA165 Art History: Prehistoric Through Gothic (FALL 2016)

HUA166 Art History: Renaissance Through Modern (SPRING 2017)

HUC106 Public Speaking (SPRING 2017)

HUP101 Introduction to Philosophy (FALL 2016 & SPRING 2017)

HUP102 Critical Thinking (FALL 2016)

CSE110 Literacy and Propaganda (SPRING 2017)

CSE120 Reading the Biography (FALL 2016)

ENG101 Composition I: An Introduction to Expository Writing (FALL 2016)

MAT115 College Algebra and Trigonometry (SPRING 2017)

MAT 120 Elementary Statistics (FALL 2016)

SSY101 General Psychology (FALL 2016 & SPRING 2017)

SSP200 Global Politics (SPRING 2017)


Course Descriptions and Prerequisites